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"Dragon Century: Origins," the official prequel novel Translation Preview

"Dragon Century: Origins," the official prequel novel translation Preview March 3, 2009 publication. Analysis: DAVID GAIDER (Dragon Age: Origins writer)

More information and download the first chapter:

Rebel and beloved Queen was killed, his son Maric embarked on a vengeance, pledged to make his mother died young and those perfidious monarchs who pay the price. Ferelden in his family under the rule of a prosperous future, and now the invasion of Orlesian been brutal repression. His people live in fear, no one trusted.

Maric soon became an anti-rebel leader, a tyrant in the alien fighting desperately to regain Ferelden. His side only two true allies, arrogant soldiers outlaws Loghain and beautiful girl Rowan, Maric and his trusted friends to root out spies and traitors, in order to regain the throne stolen.

"Maric quietly standing there, listening the sound coming from the direction. Find out after he started walking toward the other direction. He limped towards the two steps far from flexible. Leg was bruised, and sometimes cramps may also broke a few bones, but he no longer go to hell. leaning on a tree, his efforts went to the dark ... ...

They have to pay the price for their actions. If, as king he could only do one thing, he wanted them to blood for blood. "


Chapter 4 before the translation, not polish, is limited, forgive me


"Maric Run!"

He started running.

Mothers dying words awakened his escape ideas. Maric shuffling Cuanxiang glade next to the trees, his heart is still brutal murder of his mother, ripping the screen. Scratched cheek scraping mantle despite pulling the branches, he rushed forward crazy.

Suddenly a pair of strong hands caught him in the back. His mother, who was put to death her a traitor? He thought the latter. Maric shouted, struggling to push back to, desperately want to get rid of him. His efforts, however, is that more branches blocking the man's attention. That put him back to the ground with both hands, he boots the bar tightly to the ground, in the twisted roots block obtained breathing space. Once again, Shi Jin pushed back an elbow hit a hard thing ... Gudong soon as, and then the painful cries of the Hao.

That hands relaxed, Maric immediately rushed to the bush. However, he pulled his cloak back again, something he lived long scratch leather. He struggled frantically twist, like a trapped beast, and finally torn cloak was hanging from a tree, he liberated. Maric big mouth breathing, like a dark fired an arrow, ran forward without looking back. This piece of ancient lush forests, canopy beams under the moonlight wearing only a weak shot infiltration. Difficult to distinguish the way the dark, dim light into a strange forest maze. Twisted like a tall oak tree was dark dense branches and vines surrounded by guards, reminding us of scenes dominate the world.

He did not know they have to go, eager to flee his aimless drive's mad rush. He kept tripping by the ground Neto, pop out of the trunk is dark bruises. Wet mud under his feet hardly stable, as if the earth ready to swallow him. He lost the direction of the woods, perhaps he was simply walking around in circles. Maric could hear shouting behind the woods, hot pursuit tightly, he could clearly hear the voice of fighting. Add jingling sword, it was down, was killed before the resounding cries - they are his mother's hands, while some of them more acquainted with his life.

Frantic mind raced Maric scenes kept flashing back. Now, just now, he stood among the open space to play that piece of cold chills, convinced that a secret meeting in their field come forward just a form. He did the whole process is not preparedness. Mother had told him earlier with the new support, armed resistance to the formation of real power. She said that she was hiding all these years rarely fight, and now these people are willing to persuade their Orlesian master, this opportunity is that she never expect before. His views on the secret will be no different, did not realize the dangers that may occur. His mother is a famous rebel queen; is aroused against the rise of her awake, she led the entire army. Battle belonged to her, not him. He had never witnessed his grandfather's throne, who do not understand Orlesian with his family prior to the invasion force. Throughout his 18 years of his life in the camps and remote castle against the tide, and during his years of always following the lead of the march, living under the care of the mother in every possible way. He did not know if life is not the case what would it be unthinkable for him.

Now, his mother died. Maric loss of balance slid into a wet leaf-covered slopes. He embarrassed the crash of the first heavy hit on a rock, screams soon as his vision began to blur.

In the distance, the pursuers came tumbling. He was heard.

Maric lying in the shadow of the moonlight, enabled this to his head. It is like on fire like, extremely severe pain. He swore from his folly. With rare luck that he had run into the wood so far, but now revealed his location. Fingertips with liquid flow through the blood, his hair began to stick together, follow the flow of his ears and neck - in the cold air was extremely hot.

A while he was shaking, Chun Chijian uttered a sob. He thought, perhaps, lay like this. Let them also to end his life right. They have killed his mother, usurper has promised rich reward is easily capture them. Who he is, he only led his mother a few people scattered in other bodies of slaughtered it. Then, quickly lost consciousness in the moment, the terrible reality to make his cold stiff body.

He was a king.

This of course is ridiculous. He? That guy all day long sigh frown? That the total yield of the boy to his mother? She told him so confident that he will grow up as a kind and good with her leader. But this never happened. You're welcome to say, he never seriously considered his mother lives. She detached invulnerability death. Her death is just a hypothesis, the proposition is unfounded.

Now she is gone, he is still the king? His own leadership of the rebel movement to it?

He could imagine when he succeeded the throne in the news reached the capital of the ears of the usurper, he will laughing. Better dead here, he thought. Just as they do the same to his mother, they had better use the sword pierced his chest, which is much better than become a laughing stock Ferelden. Maybe they can find his distant relatives to take over the Rebel flag. If not, then the best big Calenhad this end the king descent. On it to begin with the end of the rebel queen - not to her son, under the leadership of incompetence gradually eliminate end.

This thinking is enough to make people calm. Maric lay there, wet leaves and mud and even cold to his skin began to feel comfortable. Catch up and to the people's cries gradually approaching the level of clutter, but Maric shield almost all this out. He focused on listening to the breeze flying overhead swing of the leaves rustle to do ring. Tall trees stood around, staring like a huge shadow fell just do not point them at the foot of the small. He could smell the smell of sap. The forest guard will be the only witness to his death.

He lay there, thoughts crest of a splitting headache. Commitments under the guise of helping his mother fool here is Ferelden nobles, in order to retain their territories they kneel at the feet of people in Orlesian. They abandoned Zuxun, betray their Queen. If no one managed to escape out of here, to tell those who remain in the Alliance in the people what happened, they might never know the truth. They may be guessed, but there is no evidence, what can they do? Those traitors would never pay the price for their actions.

Maric sat up, his head a sharp pain. He was in pain, shivering, the body had been drenched to the extreme cold. Difficult to determine their own position, but he thought he had been away from the edge of the forest not far. Just now, he only fell a short distance ahead, chase him close, while greeting each other with the search side. But their voices became more and more weak. Maybe he should be left alone fixed? He is in a small depression which, if he stayed long enough they might miss him, give him enough time breathed. Maybe he should look back to open space in his mother's hands that have survived.

Suddenly the voice of broken branches came around, he immediately stopped. Maric in the dark, listening carefully, makes an instant heart palpitations in the past he has no one heard any sound. He was sure it was footsteps. He still did not move, the atmosphere is also not a breath ... then he heard the voice. The lighter, definitely some are close to him. Perhaps they see themselves, they could still see him?

Maric desperate search of. His is a concave to remote slopes downward away. Under the canopy is difficult to see the faint moonlight, the terrain. In that direction also some trees, root section, and thick bushes to prevent his escape in sight. He must stay in here ... or climb to.

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Wang Haibo: Society world partners, with 10 000 win

Wang Haibo: Society world partners, with 10 000 win

- Vice President Wang Haibo Network Interview 10,000

10000 Wang Haibo, vice president of network

Respondents: 10 000 Vice President Wang Haibo Network

Interviewer: China Software Network reporter at Qiao Zhi

The relationship between manufacturers and channel the best model is in the vagaries of the market to achieve cooperation and win-win. However, the "road is long Come" software makers looking for solutions, to obtain a set of channels, channel temper justice with mercy policy. Any one area of success and prosperity of the software not only need to have excellent tech software products, but also an effective, and the implementation strategy of the market product applications support system, which is very important point on the channel.

Today, the cooperative concept has been integrated into, including CRM, ERP, SCM and many other categories of information applications, collaboration software in the modern enterprise information technology on the road has become an integral part. In collaboration in the field, 10 000 network since its inception in 1998, ten years time to focus on OA in the field of collaboration, and now 10,000 networks link the hundreds of thousands of partners is the hand, with the collaboration on OA products to the vast land of all enterprises .

Coordination channel to explore the jungle

80 years since the last century, the birth of the concept of synergy, 2002, Wang Zhidong collaboration software in China first raised the flag of China in 2005 to 2007, the rapid growth of collaborative software market, making the already marginalized OA gradually rejuvenated . With the rapid development of collaborative industry, coordination channel also from scratch, from there to the professional. The face of China's existing channels of collaboration software, 10000, vice president of Mr. Wang Haibo Network has its own view: "Cooperation in this industry is shaping up in 2002. From the beginning of the sermon to the present perfect in this industry, collaborative OA software has their specialty channels, channel operators are also increasingly concerned about the collaborative OA in this area. In general, collaboration software, channels OA in three phases.

First stage: In 2002, the name of Wang Zhidong to portray industry collaboration, the Chinese themselves do not create a their own, independent and effective system. From 2002, the industry began to preach, to do direct sales, set up a typical user, improve products, improve technology, upgrade ideas, and customer management practices. With the precipitation, in 2006, collaborative OA started with professional channels.

The second stage: the beginning from the channel into the collaboration industry, both to understand the concept of synergy, or do the regional market, we can see synergies in this field in the channel began to enter the harvest stage.

Phase III: Now many Chinese enterprises began to mature, gradually reduce the corporate procurement cycle, collaboration in the implementation of the entire cycle of companies is narrowing. Collaboration in this market is maturing, although the strong customer demand, but customers are increasingly collaborative system for the procurement rational. The current situation makes the revenue cycle planted channel shortening makes the channel to enter the stage of fast profits. "

10000 Network decade has been "customer-driven strategy" under the guidance of in-depth understanding of customers, clients learn to successfully integrate the products in the OA and the leading practical management ideas and concepts, with the world's leading management concepts to enhance the product practicability and application.

"10,000 in ten years time the network is committed to customer-driven strategy, in the past we have been in direct sales approach to service delivery. We use our experience and our excellent product for the 10,000 partners in the network set advertised, and makes the channel into a possible profit. Beginning in 2007, we fully analyzed the collaborative features of the market and coordination channels and channels is gradually becoming a mainstay. the face of strong demand of Chinese enterprises and 10,000 sound system, the network itself, 10 000 network channels for SMEs to provide services to meet their needs. and for small enterprises, 10 000 network selection cooperation with Alibaba, Alibaba is also the only supplier of the specified OA. and, by 2007 channel testing, some of our partners to achieve a profit on the year. "Wang Haibo, concedes.

Channel policy is 1 +1> 2, the key

10 000 network channels through the test water in 2007 to channel the feasibility of operating synergies OA product has been verified. In 2008, 10 000 network has its own channel planning and clearer thinking. In the 10000 network of 10 anniversary of the company's channel strategy for the official release: "Our channel strategy is based on published research and preparatory work we have done a lot basis. We standardized products are only part of the channel, the channel support We have a lot of work to be accomplished. Therefore, 10 000 formed a strong network of marketing for the channel's organizational structure, processes, culture, and do support. 10 000 networks supporting the training department also set up channels for long-term development. "Wang Haibo told reporters.

10 000 network in flat organizational structure on the adjustment of the training department, marketing department, the Department of channels, channels with the sound department to protect the orderly development, with a flat organizational structure to enhance the channel and customer response speed. These are the organizational structure of the channels of hardware support, when a reporter asked Wang Haibo million network channel policy, Wang Haibo told reporters: "10000 network this year, the channel concept, innovation is: open. Our comprehensive network of resources, open 10 000 , breaking the previous organizational boundaries. so that our customer resources, project information, management information and other past manufacturers unwilling to provide the resources to partners, networks of cooperation in the 10000 system is fully open to the 10000 network partners .

Followed by peer. Each other with our partners, customers, vendors each other, each other channel. Because to some extent, the upstream channel is also our partners. 10000 Network is to build this as their difference, make full use of the capacity of differentiation. Of course, the 10,000 networks to help partners build their capacity to differentiate, to help partners build their business model.

Again is cooperation. Feet with director, has short-inch. 10 000 network and the relationship between the partners is based on a cooperative basis. Based on both the core competitive advantage and achieve win-win situation.

Finally, win-win situation. 10 000 network often tell their employees, partners stand to stand to think, but also the position of standing partnership deal with the problem, and cooperation to help. Of course, we often allow partners to stand our thinking to consider the issue. We have always believed in each other's success will be successfully established the basis to achieve 1 +1> 2 in cooperation objectives. "

10 000 network partners to share the same brand, sharing culture, sharing management and sharing of experience. In order to better address questions about partners, 10 000 network centers around the establishment of a technology partner to provide support services.

"We are also the exclusive network partner for the 10,000 open wage, with the technical service centers in some areas improved, 10 000 network partners to blossom everywhere. Market alliance partners we already have more than 50, and there are many partners recently joined the 10,000 to plan the network to win. "Wang Haibo pleased smile.

Your hand, win-win future

"Collaborative OA is a very promising industry, years of epic proportions, a century collaboration. 10 000 network hoping to find like-minded partners to seize this opportunity, I hope 10 000 network and partners can work together to fight the field of collaborative OA Leaders also hope that partner can do these as their own businesses, households not only have a very rich network of resources, but also has a very good product. Of course, the 10,000 networks with forward-looking strategy to protect the partners to Success! your hand, win-win future. "Wang Haibo last concluded.

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Dell Laser Printer pushing 999 yuan in China, "shopping" HP

Dell, the world's dominant computer industry, today announced a 999 yuan of its laser printers Sharu low-end market in China, so the trade-popping. New Army as the printer industry, Dell is undoubtedly ready to be old in this field a rival HP's price cuts forced on shopping in tragic road and the road to the Dell in terms of already familiar tune.

IT giants Dell and Hewlett-Packard in worldwide infighting has been going on for years, but the fight in the printer market, but still nearly two years to do. Earlier in the market is ahead of Dell in the computer field, Hewlett-Packard dominate the field for many years on the printer.

But Dell's ambitions to further expand eventually. September 2003, Dell officially entered the U.S. printer market, a short year and a half on the record 10 billion dollars in annual turnover, accounting for 19.9% multi-function printers, monochrome laser printer market share of 7.4%.

Dell, HP can not afford to underestimate the threat. Last year, Dell's worldwide sales of more than 5 million printer units, while Dell's astonishing performance of a considerable portion of the market from HP, the hands grab them there.

In recent years, China's strategic vision into the two giants. Because of this the most commonly used computer printer peripherals, in China have maintained good momentum of development. The total 2003 sales of printers in China 520 million; in 2004 this figure becomes 7.724 million units; while only the first quarter of 2005 reached 2.0256 million units, up 8.2%, up 2.72 billion yuan market scale. HP has been in China over the past decade of brilliance, a virtual monopoly on a number of the printer market segment.

Dell's competitive speed almost without warning. It entered China from the printer market last year, has decent HP basic do not provoke. But last month, the Dell Laser Printer 999 yuan a sudden large-scale into China market, but print quality and speed are commendable, as the new favorite of families and small and medium enterprises. The laser printer market in the recent general prices are 1,500 yuan. Moreover, together with the lethal price from Dell in the computer sales were already a big success in the field of direct sales model.

The industry has begun to worry that Dell and HP in China's hard-fought lead to some relatively small advance out of the printer manufacturers, small manufacturers who simply could not withstand such a price shock.

But Dell's side presented its strategy based on marketing strategy: In China, home and small and medium enterprises as the main user of the proportion of low-end printer products far below its proper position. Information, foreign home computer configured the proportion of home printers for more than 90%, while the ratio of domestic to 30% may not. At the same time, the data show that China's domestic, small and medium enterprises and small offices in the IT market share of up to 50%.

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Fans paradise - watch the game with three arms PPMate

Fans for the most depressing thing: that is a wonderful game started, he was restricted at the office of the do nothing. For example during the World Cup, most of the start of the race when we have no work. As the time difference because the fans almost every country will face this situation, or how LG LCD TV ads can put football in the meeting, the boss secretly watch it on the outside.

But P2P technology popular today, there are fans of the network environment can not be anxious of 100 feet radius heart. Recommend to you the fans and the Experience PPMate Network TV.

Able to recommend, of course, is that this software has a lot of settings for the fans. Here are just under the three arms of this software:

1, Shaolin stick

Martial arts club in the stress sweep a large, PPMate broadcast world soccer's top competition. PPMate more than 1,100 programs, is currently the largest channel broadcast software. Sports is the kind of software the user is most concerned about the content, launched during the 2006 World Cup PPMate naturally know this perfectly well. PPMate major sporting events now concentrated in the national football match, especially in Europe's top leagues; this point in PPMate homepage ( have introduced, I have read several times to write is not very detailed, but the content is a lot of , including the Super, Premier League, Serie A and Bundesliga games; also the Champions League, AFC, Libertadores Cup. Of course, for the national team at all levels of competition. Overall, the game provided it is satisfied with the content.

In addition to the NBA's broadcast PPMate do very place, the Rockets have a field field, other teams have been most concerned about the broadcast. Let me look at the playoffs the Warriors have a new perspective, passionate interests of a wily player and coach, so I became the Warriors next season fans.

2, 2 Tiebian

2 Tiebian is the excellent weapons, the use of user requirements shenfa agile and graceful heterozygosity. ppmate the recording software is the best kind, there are two means of recording and timer recording. Users can also use Tiebian as a master.

Video Recording

Program recording operation is very simple, when the program after the formal play, the player control panel "Record" button will show a red free state (Figure 1), to stop the recording, once again click the button.

Figure 1

Just watch the time to open the context menu and direct the implementation of the "Browse Record file directory", find the folder you can view the saved video.

Timer recording

In addition to ordinary video recording in addition, PPMate offers a very useful auxiliary functions - timer recording, by the time recording function can be specified in the specified programs, no longer have to worry about missing the highlights. Steps: the first is the implementation of the "Tools / timer recording" operation into the "Recording Task" dialog box, and then at "program category" and "record program" to select the desired specific program content (Figure 2). Second, the set program recording of "Start Time" and "end time." After everything is set up, you can click OK to save settings. Note that, in order to maintain the integrity of recorded programs, it is necessary to start a little earlier time point, while the end of the time should come later.

Figure 2

3, Heavenly Sword

Heavenly Sword is the weapon of legend, those who pay attention to using the sword hack, collapse, tease, Georgia, wash, cut, stab, stir, pressing, hanging, cloud, etc, the almost comprehensive coverage of the functions of other weapons. As the paintings painted while monitoring more games. In fact, watching a game on the simultaneous fear that more games how to see? Particularly big game, often in order to ensure a fair number of games simultaneously. PPMate also thought of this solution - paintings painting.

First of all, and the usual method of television broadcast networks, directly in the channel list, double-click the program you want to play, when the program starts to play after, and then select the required picture in picture playback of programs. The steps are the same, first in the channel list, select the program, then right-click, and implement them "paintings draw" command (Figure 3). At this point, PPMate pop-up picture in picture feature will play a small screen, and start playing before the selection program. Now, you can begin the same time enjoy two or more programs (PPMate is no limit on the number of picture in picture playback, you can also open multiple picture in picture playback multiple programs, Figure 4), I know there are friends to open watch the game through six windows. How kind is not very convenient!!

Figure 3

Figure 4

The volume of each window, the color can be adjusted. Specific method is right click in the window, select the "Display Control Panel."

Read the description that does not use the software watch Nao instead.

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Why three heads than a strong - how to build a knowledge-sharing-based company (2)

How the outcome of harvest KM

Consider the best way to guarantee success, and harvest the results of KM systems. Here are some of KM in difficult economic times to make your organization is still some tips.

Starting from the zealots. Allow more people to participate in KM in the best way is to boot the early users and allow them to convince other people - but the early advocates should be enthusiastic in the beginning. "The worst thing for a costly effort to find the early users." Rijswijk in the Netherlands in the Shell E & P company's knowledge management and virtual team president, said Arjan van Unnik. When the van Unnik started when Shell propaganda KM, and he talks about 20% of people who are elated with his talk about the concept. "This gives us good; reason kicked community. I have many other things to do. I do not want to work and can not include things that people spend too much time."

Shell E & P began to implement KM for 7 years, enthusiasm for the number of users increases exponentially. In total 30,000 employees, there is more than 16,000 registered voluntary SiteScape knowledge portal. Daily average of 225 new employees registered to use the system in 2002, a total of 1.7 million Web page visits, which proves the power of the neural network.

To persuade influential people. KM efforts as other public projects, are extremely vulnerable to negative factors. Unlike other items, if employees are willing, you can always spread of KM systems. Low morale in recent years than in the case, talking about the radiator (watercooler) may cause great damage. In order to overcome this phenomenon, Orix Capital Markets CIO DeLong find a group he calls the "spiritual leader" of the people.

When he began to work for the KM time, DeLong sure can pull over an old employee, the employee can convince others. "He knows all aspects of the business, I can tell him: he was not prepared to use this tool to plan, he just organized a meeting, according to his own way of doing things," Delong said. "We put him in the process, including within, telling how he helped his own work done. He liked the job, and are willing to tell others of their fun."

Brains it do not cost anything. Now many people are busy, so every day struggling to cope with routine official business. Therefore, you need to collect and distribute knowledge work becomes part of people every day. This means that different companies in different things. For example, companies in the Russell Reynolds, recruiters recorded in the application system in their search for the right people for the efforts, so that they can not open the second application and repeated access to knowledge. Tired of recruiters to the candidate into his assistant's voice mail system, so do not need to type any letter or network connection. "It can input their own information without any additional cost." Saidel said.

At Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati company, busy lawyers can work from their customary access to information process. "They can not take 15 minutes to do return, it was not planned time." Has 600 lawyers in business law firm's professional development and knowledge management director Chris Boyd said. On Halliburton, the knowledge transfer as in the back of the envelope is as simple random paint. The experts may be hurried down with a pencil his insight, and then transferred it to the KM sector input into the system. "This reduces the barriers to entry", Behounek said.

Recruitment of a knowledge coordinator. If funds allow, it should be recruiting a full-time coordinator of knowledge (also known as knowledge brokers, knowledge officers, agents, advocates). This role of a wide range. Their tasks include retrieving knowledge and entry system, internal experts interviewed, write KM success stories, and examples of audit logging system for accuracy and when new.

Boyd found to have a full-time staff to guide the coordination of law firm knowledge is essential. "I need a person's daily work is designed to do these things. Part-time is not enough." He said half-jokingly. Lawyers for their customer service - very normal - and get paid. While many lawyers have not used the PC, let them learn and use a completely non-related applications is not very realistic.

Story. KM experts believe that implicit knowledge (inside hidden in people's minds, rather than explicit in the outside, accounting for 85% of the total known knowledge) is the most valuable knowledge. But the mining implicit knowledge is complex.

Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS, a market value of 18 billion U.S. dollars in pharmaceutical company), Melinda Bickerstaff, vice president of knowledge management let people tell their own stories of experienced (such as how to make anti-HIV drugs Sustiva by the Federal Drug Administration than quasi- a) as a way of sharing lessons learned.

Journalists at work within the detailed notes to be recorded, and then compile the report paper format, they do not have slides available. "A story has 16 dimensions, and only one or two are critical", Bickerstaff said. Does not contain a bunch of ideas to write an article, will be the theme can be summarized integrated into a complex whole, the whole can better reflect the people working on this issue is implicit knowledge.

Promoters will start to ensure that each participant in the meeting were not broken under the premise that the establishment of the comfort value of each file. "Facilitator to manage the meeting so that it does not appear 'Bob made a mistake' such a situation," BMS director of strategic facilities planning pay Alyson Krumwiede said, she participated in the three lessons of the meeting. "With the comfort value of the file, you do not find the name. You only need to look at the next application you can experience." This approach appears to be very effective. This year, BMS has received FDA approval of two drugs, but drugs are still approved in the third. This has a very satisfactory pharmaceutical industry approved, this result can be considered a surprise.

Identify contributors. You should not pay employees for sharing knowledge, but you must identify who made a contribution. "The most effective incentive is to share my colleagues praise", Science Applications International Corp. (SAIC, a research and engineering company, helps organizations implement KM) knowledge creation to pay CEO Peter Engstrom said.

Shell and Giant Eagle, or by e-mail newsletter or in the meeting appreciated the recognition of informal ways. And Halliburton are using the "most valuable employees" award to acknowledge the best creative staff made every month. Most of the companies mentioned here will be credited to employee knowledge sharing formal job evaluations. Some companies use bonuses and promotion system, some other companies will be knowledge-sharing as a comprehensive evaluation of the elements. KM supporters said, no matter what methods, firms will appreciate the knowledge sharing are clearly very important statement.

Create a Knowledge Forum. Knowledge-sharing approach and the internal network from the enterprise portal to the online discussion site to information calendar. But the most important thing is to make people face to face discussion. Bickerstaff BMS knowledge management forum in less than 5, but she can put forward new ideas every day. Her latest idea from the NASA Jet Propulsion Lab, called my BMS experience. It starts with a 34-year-old Bickerstaff invited old career staff review. She is expected to be about 100 people to give up their lunch time to listen to this lecture, the results of 250 individuals arrived at the scene, they packed only Zhanzhao Ting place. "They seem to a bonfire party, let people tell their stories free," she said. "To provide people the opportunity to share their knowledge. This is an important aspect of management knowledge."

In SAIC, an experienced team in specific areas, met with another group dedicated to similar challenges. For example, a license to a Florida State team physician of the system, into the actual state government project team. After the end of the project, team members meet in an analysis of what worked, and what did not. Then SAIC's KM system in their order into books. The end of each working day, project members will meet again to check they have to do the work and the work has been completed between the gap.

Technical aspects of people's problem is that most headaches, and this is self-evident. KM is no exception. Shell's van Unnik estimated annual cost of KM system, 5 million, most of the money for community members. "The cost is labor costs," he said, this fee includes every major online COP (Shell 12) and two to three full-time wages. But with it brought more than 200 million annual revenue compared to the investment is cost-effective.

Although the KM the cost of time and money costs are high, but you can not avoid its user role. SAIC's Engstrom said, "You have to integrate knowledge management system, the company's culture. You can not shut the door for employees to use it. Here, the atmosphere of mutual trust is essential."

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Friday, July 2, 2010

Shine Video Converter

Shine Video Converter supports almost all video formats as source files and outputs many different video and audio formats beyond HD (high definition), including AVI, MPEG, MP4, MOV, 3GP, MP3, WMA, WAV, M4A, AAC, AC3, etc.
With Shine Video Converter, you can convert only the outstanding part of the video by setting up the beginning and end time after preview. While the image quality is high, the conversion speed is very fast (up to 600%). When you need to convert video files but have to leave the computer, there is no worry about this because Shine Video Converter's auto shutdown function will automatically shut down your computer when the conversion is complete.
With Shine Video Converter's cute and easy-to-use interface, Just a few clicks to convert video. Free Download Shine Video Converter to have a wonderful experience now!

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Friday, June 25, 2010

YASA DVD to PSP Converter

YASA DVD to PSP Converter is a powerful tools that converts DVD to PSP Video and other various video formats.

Welcome to use the YASA DVD to PSP Converter. YASA DVD to PSP Converter can rip DVD Video both video and audio streams of DVD video into PSP Video and various video formats. Compare with other DVD converter, It does not only support PSP Video Formats, But It also supports a large number of video formats including AVI, MPEG, WMV, DivX, RM, MOV, PSP Video, iPod Video, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, ASF, 3GPP, 3GPP2 and so on; Also, YASA DVD to PSP Converter can rip DVD Video into Audio formats including MP3 MP2 WMA WAV AC3 M4A OGG etc.

YASA DVD to PSP Converter provides the expert options to control the quality of output PSP video file. YASA DVD to PSP Converter allows you to choose Audio Language of DVD Video; to select target subtitle; PSP Video size is adjustable, you can compress DVD movie to any size you need.

Another useful feature is that YASA DVD to PSP Converter supports film editing. you can edit and cut the DVD video by specifying the start time and end time. You can use this feature to make the preview of DVD video.

YASA DVD to PSP Converter has already included PSP Video Transfer, it will help you transfer the PSP video file into memory stick on your PSP Player.

An easy-to-use interface allows you to enjoy working with only few clicks(1. choose output videosformats. 2. choose dvd disc. 3. Click "ripping" to start ripping).Whatever you are a veteran or a beginner, you will feel it's developed for you!

Converts DVD to PSP Video
Converts DVD to iPod
Converts DVD to MP4
Converts DVD to AVI
Converts DVD to MPEG
Converts DVD to DivX
Converts DVD to WMV
Converts DVD to ASF
Converts DVD to RealVideo(RM)
Converts DVD to MPEG4
Converts DVD to VCD
Converts DVD to SVCD
Converts DVD to 3GP
Converts DVD to 3GPP2
Converts DVD to MP3
Converts DVD to MP2
Converts DVD to M4A
Converts DVD to RA

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