Monday, July 26, 2010

Fans paradise - watch the game with three arms PPMate

Fans for the most depressing thing: that is a wonderful game started, he was restricted at the office of the do nothing. For example during the World Cup, most of the start of the race when we have no work. As the time difference because the fans almost every country will face this situation, or how LG LCD TV ads can put football in the meeting, the boss secretly watch it on the outside.

But P2P technology popular today, there are fans of the network environment can not be anxious of 100 feet radius heart. Recommend to you the fans and the Experience PPMate Network TV.

Able to recommend, of course, is that this software has a lot of settings for the fans. Here are just under the three arms of this software:

1, Shaolin stick

Martial arts club in the stress sweep a large, PPMate broadcast world soccer's top competition. PPMate more than 1,100 programs, is currently the largest channel broadcast software. Sports is the kind of software the user is most concerned about the content, launched during the 2006 World Cup PPMate naturally know this perfectly well. PPMate major sporting events now concentrated in the national football match, especially in Europe's top leagues; this point in PPMate homepage ( have introduced, I have read several times to write is not very detailed, but the content is a lot of , including the Super, Premier League, Serie A and Bundesliga games; also the Champions League, AFC, Libertadores Cup. Of course, for the national team at all levels of competition. Overall, the game provided it is satisfied with the content.

In addition to the NBA's broadcast PPMate do very place, the Rockets have a field field, other teams have been most concerned about the broadcast. Let me look at the playoffs the Warriors have a new perspective, passionate interests of a wily player and coach, so I became the Warriors next season fans.

2, 2 Tiebian

2 Tiebian is the excellent weapons, the use of user requirements shenfa agile and graceful heterozygosity. ppmate the recording software is the best kind, there are two means of recording and timer recording. Users can also use Tiebian as a master.

Video Recording

Program recording operation is very simple, when the program after the formal play, the player control panel "Record" button will show a red free state (Figure 1), to stop the recording, once again click the button.

Figure 1

Just watch the time to open the context menu and direct the implementation of the "Browse Record file directory", find the folder you can view the saved video.

Timer recording

In addition to ordinary video recording in addition, PPMate offers a very useful auxiliary functions - timer recording, by the time recording function can be specified in the specified programs, no longer have to worry about missing the highlights. Steps: the first is the implementation of the "Tools / timer recording" operation into the "Recording Task" dialog box, and then at "program category" and "record program" to select the desired specific program content (Figure 2). Second, the set program recording of "Start Time" and "end time." After everything is set up, you can click OK to save settings. Note that, in order to maintain the integrity of recorded programs, it is necessary to start a little earlier time point, while the end of the time should come later.

Figure 2

3, Heavenly Sword

Heavenly Sword is the weapon of legend, those who pay attention to using the sword hack, collapse, tease, Georgia, wash, cut, stab, stir, pressing, hanging, cloud, etc, the almost comprehensive coverage of the functions of other weapons. As the paintings painted while monitoring more games. In fact, watching a game on the simultaneous fear that more games how to see? Particularly big game, often in order to ensure a fair number of games simultaneously. PPMate also thought of this solution - paintings painting.

First of all, and the usual method of television broadcast networks, directly in the channel list, double-click the program you want to play, when the program starts to play after, and then select the required picture in picture playback of programs. The steps are the same, first in the channel list, select the program, then right-click, and implement them "paintings draw" command (Figure 3). At this point, PPMate pop-up picture in picture feature will play a small screen, and start playing before the selection program. Now, you can begin the same time enjoy two or more programs (PPMate is no limit on the number of picture in picture playback, you can also open multiple picture in picture playback multiple programs, Figure 4), I know there are friends to open watch the game through six windows. How kind is not very convenient!!

Figure 3

Figure 4

The volume of each window, the color can be adjusted. Specific method is right click in the window, select the "Display Control Panel."

Read the description that does not use the software watch Nao instead.

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